Item grouping and bundling

Create categories based on attributes and customize bundles for the best sales

Multi-warehouse management

Manage stock at multiple locations and keep track of inter-warehouse transfers effortlessly

Serial and batch tracking

Track the movement of each item or keep a watch on batch expiration dates with unique identifier codes

Customer lifecycle

Manage every operation, from accepting an order to dispatching it to your customer, without the need to fill in information at every step.

Sales order management

Convert a sales order into an invoice, send it via email, and track its status with no hassle


Convert a sales order into an invoice, send it via email, and track its status with no hassle

Packaging and shipping

Generate packing slips, get real-time shipping rates, and print shipping labels in your preferred format

Vendor relations

Manage all of your vendor transactions and bills in one place, so you never have to compromise on your data or your relationship with your vendors

Vendor price lists

Create price lists for regular vendors and update the prices automatically

Purchase order and billing solution

Maintain your purchase order history, keep track of your unpaid bills, and build good relationships with your vendors

Back orders and drop shipments

Running low on stock? Create a back order or initiate a drop shipment to avoid turning down a customer


Find out how online integrations can help you expand and make your business more able to survive in a competitive market


Keep customers informed by sending them real-time updates after their orders are dispatched from your store

Marketplace and shopping cart

Grow your business and expand your sales online by offering customers a secure shopping experience


Automate the process of receiving orders and delivering them to your 3PL providers with our Crossfire cloud EDI integration

Accounting solution

Manage your financials and books of accounts with India Tax Books, our cloud-based accounting software


Manage campaigns and add leads and prospects automatically with our India Tax CRM integration


As your business grows, you might need to simplify some of your daily processes. Check out how our automation features help you to do so

Barcode Scanning

Point and click your scanner at the barcode of an item to auto-fill the required information

Webhooks and custom functions

Modify a URL with webhooks, or use Deluge script to automate processes

Email and field update

Set a workflow rule to update a field or customize email message for your special customer with ease

Smart features

When the world is embracing smart technology, inventory management can't be left behind! Try out our smart tools to catch up with the industry trends

Reporting and analytics

Generate reports at the click of a button and get better insights into your business performance

SKU generator

Make your life easier. Let the system help you generate SKUs for your item groups

Reorder points

Set a reorder point for each item and get notified automatically the next time you are low on stock

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